I’m Alden. I’m female, which I mention more because people seem confused by my name than because I have any particular fondness for the binary gender system. I do things. I write about them.

I live in Atlanta, which I love:

The people who settled the town called successively Terminus, Marthasville and Atlanta, were a pushy people.  Restless, energetic people from the older sections of Georgia and from more distant states were drawn to this town that sprawled itself around the junction of the railroads in its center.  They came with enthusiasm.  They built their stores around the five muddy red roads that crossed near the depot.  They built their fine homes on Whitehall and Washington streets and along the high ridge of land on which countless generations of moccasined Indian feet had beaten a path called the Peachtree Trail.  They were proud of the place, proud of its growth, proud of themselves for making it grow.  Let the older towns call Atlanta anything they pleased. Atlanta did not care.



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