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The River & The Mayor

This is a story about the time I ended up in a cabinet meeting with the Mayor of Wuhan. But before it gets there, I have to talk about diarrhea and vomit. Diarrhea is a natural thing we don’t talk … Continue reading

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Just Kidding

Turns out Alfred’s peeps did reply. Bless their hearts. I mean, even with a misspelling or two, that’s a nice note to a kid. Perhaps we will meet again, AHMM.

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Death Blobs of the Past

When this self-employment thing isn’t going so well, I will be able to tell myself I’ve been getting rejections for a very long time. Or passive non-response rejections, anyway. [ETA: they did reply, and kindly, even if it was indeed … Continue reading

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Early AML Projects Action: Pastel’s Soup

Back in the day, it was “A&A Co.,” the pre-famous publication house run by two excitable little girls. And because we couldn’t actually publish anything ourselves, in those days before even printers, we would painstakingly write our stories out. But

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