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“Me Too” and Once Again

Off the cuff, I’m gonna once again go with “let’s stop censoring each other.” Two (and a half) major issues here. The second is the more important and the one I’d like to hash out a bit more, but since … Continue reading

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That ten-concerts meme

First off, for those of you expressing how sick and tired you are of that nine-concerts-and-a-lie meme all your friends are posting?           For those of you posting slightly more legitimate¬†posts questioning¬†why so many people are … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa… and nothing else

I wrote an *excellent* blog post in the shower this morning. It was funny and witty and original. I hit upon the delightful idea of comparing the back-and-forth on the internet this week between women of color and white women … Continue reading

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I know it completely won’t matter but

A letter to CVS Caremark*, on the occasion of my prescription’s increasing 1009% in one month, because I had exhausted my “one trial month” and now need to switch to either mail order or a CVS store:

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Hillary’s child sex ring and other YOU ARE A MORON

Toward the end of the campaign I saw a couple of my Trump-enabled acquaintances refer to Hillary as a pedophile. I didn’t even ask, because by that point their rants were so nonsensical as to not be worth my time. … Continue reading

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What do we actually DO now?

Well, 2016 was fun, right? And we’ve all been wallowing in the not-fun for a couple of weeks now at the very least. I personally am tired of the wallowing. I’ve decided to put some of my money where my … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters: Not All Women

And that’s exactly the problem. The subject doesn’t come up at all. It’s like this movie is the #NotAllWomen of summer films. It bends over backwards not to be about its most obvious feature. Continue reading

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A Follow-Up: The Male Experience

I’ve had lots of conversation in several fora about my post from yesterday. In general I think I have two follow-up thoughts. First: doctors should ask questions about our health, even if those questions are uncomfortable. It may be too … Continue reading

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Here we go: On Hillary, feminism, and my promise to the universe

Okay, off the cuff, NO redaction, I’m just going to write this and see what happens. I’d like to tell you, beloved and probably imaginary audience, about a day in 2008. I was working as a researcher, a wonderful job … Continue reading

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The Dress, And What It Says About Us

Whether it’s white-and-gold or blue-and-black, stop being a poop about it, mmmkay? Continue reading

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