Hillary’s child sex ring and other YOU ARE A MORON

pizzaToward the end of the campaign I saw a couple of my Trump-enabled acquaintances refer to Hillary as a pedophile. I didn’t even ask, because by that point their rants were so nonsensical as to not be worth my time. So I didn’t even know this was a thing.

Now I would like to say: JESUS CHRIST. Really? Really? A child sex ring? REALLY?

Y’all. I thought George W. Bush was one of the dumbest people ever to dumb, and I struggled to respect anything he said ever, and I think he fucked up our international policy for years and years and our economy for nearly as long. But you know what I would have said if someone told me he was running a child sex ring? I would have said “Disbelieve. Please present evidence.” BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE MUST DO: assume innocence, use our brains, think critically, hate the game and not the player. 

I haven’t even given the time of day to all that #BushDid911 mess. I believe Bush, like many of his predecessors (including Bill Clinton!), may have made some unfortunate decisions about certain individuals and political movements because they were expedient for the country or his own income. But I do not believe Bush allowed 9/11 to happen with full knowledge as part of some conspiracy. You know why? Because that’s pretty damn crazy, and until I see some real evidence (and no, YouTube videos are not real evidence), I’m going to go with the most reasonable explanation. We make bad long-term decisions for short-term expediency. We have some sucky allies. We missed some red flags. That’s what caused 9/11.

WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK, PEOPLE. Did Hillary Clinton seriously lose votes in the year 2016 because dumbass morons believed she was running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor?

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