Early AML Projects Action: Pastel’s Soup

Back in the day, it was “A&A Co.,” the pre-famous publication house run by two excitable little girls. And because we couldn’t actually publish anything ourselves, in those days before even printers, we would painstakingly write our stories out. But a careful stack of paper with some staples and a copyright notice on the back was a precious, precious thing.

So here’s a “book” I just found in my parents’ basement. I’m editing the punctuation and spelling to save you all some time. You’re welcome.

Pastel’s Soup

by Alden Mahler
Pastel and his “vanishing soup” undertake a hard job.
The aid of spell no. forty-eight saves all their troubles.
For ages 4 and under to 2 1/4


Pastel’s Visit

Splash! Another egg entered the hot water. The blue goop was now overflowing and dripping onto the sleeping cat below. Suddenly, the cat vanished!

“Whew, it worked! and now I’ll have to make spell no. 48 to see it again. Oh well.” The speaker was Pastel Delagory.

Brrrrrrrringggg! The doorbell rang. It was the mayor. A soft furry thing encircled his legs.

“Gasp! What is this?”

“It is my cat, Lord Mayor, dripped on by spell no. forty-seven, Pastel’s Soup. Over there, see?”

“Yes, and may I dip a finger?”

“Sure! Help yourself!”

Suddenly, the mayor’s finger disappeared!

*     *     *     *    *

Mayor’s Finger

“Gasp! I shall open this to the public tomorrow at a ceremony! Thank you, Pastel Delagory!”

“It was a pleasure, Sir. My pleasure.”

“Well, good-bye, Pastel Delagory, for now.”

It was such a pleasure to have the mayor so liking spell no. forty-seven that he almost burst.

Suddenly, a loud “Knock! Bam! Knock!” It was unbearable. It was his friend Amy.

“Why Amy, why the noise?”

“Your BIRTHDAY, silly!” And as she said “birthday,” all Pastel’s friends came in windows or doors. Happy Birthday! Then they presented him with all sorts of presents.

They all watched The Last Mouse by Frank Squeek, and Mousie, and Tom and Jerry, then finally Squeak and Dagger. Then they all had some squeekmato juice and squeekalate cake. They all slept over at Pastel’s house, but none of them could sleep. So Pastel (who was drunk from the squeekmato juice) dumped all of spell no. forty-seven all over them. Then they snuck up on each other. And, on the morrow:

*     *     *     *    *

On The Morrow

The mayor came and punished Pastel by going to jail. They tried in vain to get him to change clothes, but as he was still drunk, he refused. The mayor told him to make spell no. forty-eight, and he would set him free. He gave him pots and pans and the following:

20150914_112613Then he made his cat back.

The mayor set Pastel free and he dumped it all over his friends and cat and lived happily ever after.


*     *     *     *    *

About the Author

Alden Mahler was born in Denver, Colorado. Moved to Vermont when six months. Stayed at 60 Hinesburg Road till five. Then she moved to 21 Tanglewood Dr. South Burlington VT 05401 862-5379 and stayed till six. Then moved to England for a year. Now she is at the age of seven and three quarters and lives at 21 Tangle-wood again. (1985)


1st Reading. 2nd Writing. 3rd Playing. 4th School. Worst Fighting.

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    • Rayanne says:

      OMG! How dorky/adorable were we?! I totally don’t remember being in your story but it’s terribly flattering. 🙂 My stuff is in the attic. You should come over for a hilarious trip down memory lane.

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