Daily Writing Prompt 8/21

I know my readership is 99.99% (or more!) imaginary, and that if you are a real human this stuff will probably not interest you anyway. But. If I’m going to call myself a professional writer (formal announcement on that later next week I hope!), I’m going to start putting my daily exercises out in public.

Maybe. If I remember and they feel good that day. 😛

The TL;DR version of my life, in case you’re not also following me on Facebook and/or a human to whom I regularly speak, is that my job is ending next Friday. Ending in a nice, positive way, but ending. And I haven’t been able to replace it. The applications have gone out — are going out — will continue to go out. I’m being a little picky but not really.

But I’m also thinking this might be a Grand Sign From The Universe. It’s time to write the novel, y’all. I said I wanted to do it back when Rayanne and I formed A&A Publishing at the age of six. It’s time.

So I’ve been thinking about writing, and trying to do more of it. Among other exercises I’ve been using Sarah Selecky‘s Daily Prompt emails. Today’s struck a nerve.

Write a list titled, “Things that are up in the air.”

First I laughed a lot! Because what isn’t up in the air right now? But here goes.

  1. My life.
  2. Okay, not all aspects of my life.
  3. Actually, not even most aspects of my life. It’s funny how big the issue of employment feels in the scope of things that aren’t falling apart!

So maybe I need to start over.

  1. My career. Can I make writing a thing I do for a living? I mean, I’m awesome at it, obviously. But I’m less awesome at the hustle, and I don’t know the field or the market, and. Lots of big questions to ask and answer in the next months!
  2. Owls. I was so excited earlier this week when I definitely heard two owls gettin’ it on outside. And I’m almost positive they were the same two owls who nested in our yard this spring, whom I named Ecks and Henrietta, and raised the MOST ADORABLEST LITTLE BABY EVER named Trolley. Owls are up in the air, except when they are learning to fly and crash into tree branches and fall, AHEM TROLLEY.

    Trolley. His best thing was glaring.

    Trolley. His best thing was glaring.

  3. If we interpret “up in the air” a bit more narrowly, sort of in the range of ceiling fans, then I can say “cobwebs.” On my to-do list for the next several months of unself-employment is cleaning the ceiling fans. And everything else. We’ll see how much of that actually gets done, but at this moment I have great intentions.
  4. What I will be doing a week from Monday. I have been called to do my civic duty. I have never yet actually ended up on a jury, but there might eventually be a first time! Who knows!
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