Parks & Rec 2-22: Up! All Night

Plot: Leslie’s in charge of the overnight portion of the diabetes fundraiser, and of course hijinks ensue. That guy is going to propose to Ann, who is going to break up with him because even she cannot remember who he is. April and Andy just need to get married already. And Tom realizes for the very first time that professional athletes are popular.

Deep Thoughts: Nope. It’s Friday.

Your Related Link For The Day: Perd Hapley does the worm. Who knew that the worm originated in the 1920s?

Ann is Mean: Once again we are treated to implications of Ann and Leslie’s intimacy without actually seeing them build intimacy. Also, Ann is over that guy she’s dating, and he thinks they’re proposal-bound. Communication issues much?

Jerrybashing: Jerry has a date and nobody wants to think about his having sex. Also, Jerry has some entertaining talents and nobody wants him to use them on air. And when he does appear on air, they spell his name wrong. SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS ONGOING JOKE TO ME PLEASE.

Donna Is Cooler Than You: When life gives Donna lemons, she just sits there quietly and fashions a blue-ribbon lemon tart out of them without even telling you she’s doing so. You make her stay up all night at a teleton bank, she’s gonna dial out internationally. It’s no big thing.

Somebody Get Tom Some Therapy: Tom gets drunk on two (light) beers and only knows things about sports because of Wikipedia. This episode, I am Tom.

There Is Only One Ron Swanson: My husband will only donate to charities that have nothing to do with humans. I am married to Ron Swanson, who says, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man to fish, and you feed yourself. He’s a grown man. Fishing is not that hard.”


In other news, as I’ve said before, I am also married to Ben, who hasn’t appeared yet but about whom I’m thinking, because this episode includes a BARNEY cameo. Barney makes terrible Quickbooks-related accountant jokes and one person in the audience laughs. My husband likes to grumble that I don’t laugh at his jokes enough. But maybe if the only person in the audience laughing at your joke is Andy, you need to rethink the joke. Just saying.  Love you, sweetie. <3

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