Parks and Rec 2-7: Teens, TP, and Tom

Plot: It’s Halloween! Ann throws a terrible party, which Leslie misses entirely because of her obsession with a local teen and his vandalism. This is one sharp teenager, too. You can tell he’s going to grow up to be Julian Assange or something and think he’s very badass. This is also our first encounter with the delightful Bert Macklin of the FBI. Apparently the FBI also loved Bert Macklin.

Deep Thoughts: I wish there were a little more backstory about how Leslie pinpointed Greg as her vandal, and the things he’s done to “screw with her ’cause she gets all riled up, and her face gets all scrunched up like this.” Or that he ever showed up again. Maybe as an intern? That would have been excellent, and might have helped divert him from the path of a criminal mastermind.

Your Related Link For The Day: Why April is no longer my Spirit Animal (spoiler: because I will no longer be using the term). I actually read this thread a week or two ago, and it wasn’t until I was re-reading my own post today that I realized I’d done this in the category head below. Here’s another good piece: Everyone’s Spirit Animal Should Be Cultural Sensitivity (and credit to that piece for my use of “Patronus” instead). I know this is utterly unrelated to the show, but it is related to my form-recap of it, so there’s your thought for today.

Ann is Mean: Yeah, because you get to invite half of your best friend’s officemates to your party, and then act all pissy when they invite the other half. Rude. The fact that Tom ends up saving the day and making Ann’s party a success is probably going to trickle right out of her head by next week, too.

Jerrybashing: Jerry does the kind thing and invites the other half of the office when Ann is insufferably rude. Jeez, Jerry. You loser.

Somebody Get Tom Some Therapy: Tom’s in love with his wife, who is obviously not in love with him, but might be interested in Ron. You can’t really blame her on either of those points, but the show is doing some pretty un-subtle THIS IS GOING TO GO BADLY cues about Tom here.

April Is My Spirit Animal Patronus: I literally LOLed when Ann walks into the office and April deadpans “Oh yay Ann’s here.”

There Is Only One Ron Swanson: At some points, the writers work too hard to make Ron Endearingly Quirky. Sometimes they get the quirky exactly right. In this episode, Ron reveals that he likes pirates, isn’t great at cosplay, appreciates others who are, and can’t eat almonds because they upset his stomach. Somehow this ads up to a lot of adorableness.

I am Leslie: On TP-ing Greg’s house: “This is really fun! But I don’t condone it!”

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