Parks and Rec 2-8: Libraries Are Evil

Plot: Leslie finds out the Library Department wants her newly filled lot, the woman behind this nefarious plot wants Ron, and Ron wants a naked brunette and a waffle.

Deep Thoughts: There is some loss in knowing that Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are real-life married, because this isn’t just a truly delightful onscreen chemistry between two professional actors. But it is nonetheless truly delightful to watch. Tammy is a fabulously evil character and Ron-out-of-control is a beautiful thing.

Your Related Link For The Day: Tammy says “We government gals have to watch each other’s backs, right?” Tammy is evil, but her point stands. We have to watch each other’s backs… and we need to be in government. Go read about Emily’s List and then think about running for office (if you’re a lady), or helping an awesome woman you know do so.

There Is Only One Ron Swanson: This whole episode is Ron-tastic. He does say “bitch” a lot, which I don’t love, but Tammy almost earns it. I love the vulnerability his character shows,  even in such a ridiculous manner: zero-to-sixty rage when Tammy asks who set the bed on fire; the red, weepy eyes by day three; his earnest, unselfconscious descriptions of crazy sex acts. And throughout, this episode introduces us to the enduring love between Ron and Leslie, to whom he turns for help and whom he does not want to disappoint. (Never mind their shared love of breakfast.)

The LOL moment: Ron and Tammy having sex is “like doing peyote and sneezing, slowly, for six hours.” Ron isn’t a words guy, but when he uses his words, he uses the hell out of them.

I am Leslie: “What kind of lunatic would want to be Cleopatra over Eleanor Roosevelt?”

I want to be more like Leslie: When Tammy posits that there are “women who work hard and stress out about doing the right thing, and then there are women who are cool,” Leslie immediately and wholeheartedly backs Eleanor Roosevelt. A tiny part of me still always wants to be cool, even though Cleopatra is really not my homegirl. I envy Leslie’s self-aware certainty that she “would never work in the Library Department.”

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